Age Based Curriculum: 12-13 YEARS OLD

The goal of the Age 12-13 content is to focus on the development of both golf and character skills at an individual level. For this age group, self-confidence often comes into question and an opportunity for exploration of concepts of self should be prioritized. This group will have participants of mixed skill levels, and possibly more noticeable skill gaps emerging based on the amount of golf experience that the participants have. Prior sports experiences and participation in physical education should allow faster acquisition of skills for players that are newer to First Tee. The lessons and activities at this age will provide opportunities for participants to explore both golf skills and character commitments that support this stage of growth and development in early adolescents who are already in the process of exploring their identity as well as peer relationships. Coaches can further support the development of confidence in participants through additional opportunities for them to demonstrate mastery and growth in their golf skills and abilities.

Key Commitments

Pursuing Goals
Growing through Challenge
Collaborating with Others
Building Positive Self-Identity
Using Good Judgment