First Tee School Program

elementary school programTee it up in Physical Education Classes

In more than 10,000 elementary schools across the United States, many students are teeing off for the first time thanks to the First Tee School Program, bringing our curriculum to your child’s gym during physical education class. Through safe, fun activities, elementary students are learning the basic skills of the lifelong sport of golf.  By teaching elementary students the First Tee Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits, we’re putting them on the course to a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Program Objectives

elementary school program

  • Create a safe introduction to golf for today’s students and teachers.
  • Ensure that golf education meets the same national standards developed by the Society for Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE).
  • Help students build character and confidence through the positive personal and social values associated with the game.
  • Engage students in daily lesson activities that lead to development of basic golf motor skills
  • Show students that golf can be a great lifelong recreation and health-enhancing activity.
  • Make the positive values of golf a part of the classroom and students’ everyday lives.

Components of the program

First Tee School Program gives physical educators the tools to get started. We provide the training, equipment and lesson plans that integrate golf skills, motor skills, core values and healthy habits.

elementary school programProven Outcomes

First Tee School Program integrates golf motor skill development with character education and wellness. It’s a winning combination! Read about our independent case study research outcomes, PGA of America school golf program independent review results, and what physical educators engaged in the program have to say. Research results »

Local Coachella valley schools that offer the First Tee School Program in Physical education classes:

  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
  • Amelia Earhart Elementary School
  • Andrew Jackson Elementary School
  • Benjamin Franklin Elementary
  • Dr. Reynaldo J. Carreon Elementary School
  • Gerald Ford Elementary School
  • Herbert Hoover Elementary School
  • James Earl Carter Elementary School
  • James Monroe Elementary School
  • Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School
  • Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School
a Big thank you to the Berger foundation & the Highland Street Foundation for Helping with funding for Desert sands unified school district.

First Tee Community Program

programsIn youth centers: After school programs

We believe our values extend beyond the golf course, which is why we launched a program to meet kids where they spend time. First Tee Community Program is specifically designed for youth-serving organizations, like the Y and the Boys & Girls Club, the First Tee gives kids the chance to learn about golf and develop character through fun golf games.

How the First Tee Community Program works

We supply the curriculum, the equipment and the training for youth leaders to deliver the program. Much like our other programs, the First Tee Community Program is designed to introduce kids to golf and  First Tee Nine Core Values — honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgment.


Our program objectives

  • Enable youth leaders to introduce golf using modified sports and games in ways that fit the ages and abilities of the young people in their care
  • Engage young people in fun, safe activities that promote wellness and health-enhancing lifestyles
  • Develop appreciation for the positive values associated with golf through each activity and extend those behaviors to other areas of their lives

Components of the program

First Tee Community Program gives youth development professionals and volunteer leaders the tools to get started. Our program is a hole-in-one for any setting, class time, and class size. We provide training, equipment and lesson plans.

Local Coachella Valley First Tee Community Programs

  • Desert Recreation District (DRD) and After School Educational Services (ASES)
    • Carrillo Ranch Elementary School
    • Dr. Reynaldo J. Carreon Jr. Academy
    • Eisenhower Elementary School
    • Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
    • Herbert Hoover Elementary School
    • Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School
    • Andrew Jackson Elementary School
    • Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School
    • Kennedy Elementary School
    • James Madison Elementary School
    • Harry S. Truman Elementary School
    • Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
    • Martin Van Buren Elementary School
    • Oliphant Elementary School
  • Palm Desert Presbyterian Preschool