LPGA*USGA Girls Golf


Girls Golf: The First TeeGirls participating in sports, like golf, and are physically active*

  • Have greater levels of self-esteem and self-image
  • Associated with a lower prevalence of sexual risk-taking behaviors
  • Are more satisfied with their weight (regardless of how much they weigh)
  • Significantly less likely to have ever used illicit drugs

The LPGA*USGA Girls Golf program is a developmental junior golf program to create a network for girls to play golf, build friendships, and compete in a supportive learning environment. The programs are designed to empower and inspire girls on the golf course, in the classroom and as they pursue college and careers. Classes led by female coaches and role models provide girls with the confidence and skills to become tomorrow’s leaders. At The First Tee, we’re teaching more than the game of golf – through the program, girls are empowered and inspired to succeed in the game of life.

Who We Are

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf was founded in 1989 by Sandy LaBauve, an LPGA Teaching Professional and mother of two daughters. Since then, the program has grown to reach over 70,000 girls in over 415 communities across the United States with the partnership between the LPGA Foundation and the USGA.

Our Mission

To empower young girls through the game of golf.

Our Values

To make sure every girl who comes in contact with our program will always feels

important, appreciated, respected, supported and safe.

Our Goals

❁ Keeping girls engaged in sports and increasing retention

❁ Instilling confidence and inspiring girls to live active lifestyles

❁ Providing social opportunities and lifelong friendships

❁ Encouraging family involvement

The Five E’s of Girls Golf

We EMPOWER girls with confidence and inspire them to dream BIG. Girls are taught to become competent and confident young golfers and women.

We ENRICH girls lives by expanding their minds and horizons. Girls Golf programs teach more than just stance and swing. Girls gain a deeper understanding of golf etiquette, history and science as they are connected with resources and education to help them reach their goals.

We ENGAGE girls with positive female role models and mentors from the LPGA and Symmetra Tours, as they expand their own horizons.

We ENERGIZE girls with passion for the game of golf. We strive to teach and retain young girls in the game by creating fun activities that catch their attention.

We EXERCISE girls’ minds and bodies helping them unlock their full potential. Girls Golf incorporates fitness and nutrition education into their programming and encourage girls to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

Your child MUST be enrolled in a First Tee-Coachella Valley Life Skills Class to participate in the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf program. 

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