Student-Athlete of the Week – Hailey Hays (FTCV Participant) 

Palm Desert has separated themselves in the DEL. They have had consistent division one talent come through the program and next or the tee is Hailey Hays. 

“I started in the First Tee Coachella Valley program. I have been a member for 13 years now,” said Hays. “It’s such an incredible program. Then I started on the high school team as a freshman, and I had a lot of pressure, and I went in knowing I want to be a strong asset to the girl’s golf team.” 

“Her freshman year she just started getting into the feel of the game, but now she has the determination and passion to go out there and shoot low scores,” said head coach Kaitlyn Ellis. 

Nothing is getting in the way for Hays senior season, it’s all tunnel vision. 

“I am focused on myself and making sure I play to the best of my ability, but also this is a team sport,” said Hays. “It’s not just about myself it’s about making sure that all of us are improving all of us are getting better and we all our playing our best to win. Hopefully take home the league title again this year.” 

Golf is hobby for most of us but for Hays, golf is everything and then some. 

“Golf takes up majority of my time I practice every day after school no matter how hot it is,” said Hays. “Golf is my thing and I love it so much it brings me so much joy.” 

“She always cares about others, and she always puts others before herself,” said Ellis. “And that is someone you look for as a coach, but also a leader on the Aztec golf team.” 

A difference maker Hays is for her team, but she also gives back to her community. 

“I’m a member of the National Charity League and I have been doing that for about six years now,” said Hays. “ I just did a fundraiser this past year that raised over $15,000 for my First Tee chapter, so I’m really working to help grow the chapter as well.” 

Hays’ last year in Aztec red and she wants it to be the best one yet. 

“My goal would be to win league, DEL individuals this year. I’ve been working hard I was second place last year, so the goal would be to win DEL and to make it to the second round of CIF individuals,” said Hays. 

“She wears the Aztec colors and Aztec pride very well,” said Ellis. 

What a player, what a person.  

By Bailey Arredondo